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The AstaReal group under Fuji Chemical group of Japan is the global pioneer in natural astaxanthin that is backed by 30 years’ experience in the production, R&D, and clinical science of natural astaxanthin.

We harness the natural protection potential of astaxanthin to act as a nutritional support for healthy ageing. With this, AstaReal aspires to augment an active and healthy lifestyle and a long-term wellness of the growing ageing population.

Here at AstaReal, we dedicate ourselves to the scientific research of astaxanthin and educating the world about its natural wholesome benefits. With 61 clinical studies to date, our international team strive to support our customers’ needs and innovation with our expertise and supplement their products with the science-backed therapeutic benefits of natural astaxanthin.

Click here to download AstaReal’s whitepaper, ‘Sarcopenia – a new pandemic?’