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The AstaReal group has a 30-year history in the production, R&D, and clinical science of natural astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant and a potent mitochondrial nutrient for healthy ageing. As part of the Fuji Chemical Group of Japan, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical solutions since 1946, we utilize over 70 years of pharmaceutical expertise in the formulation and production of our ingredients.

AstaReal pioneered the world’s first commercial production of natural astaxanthin from the freshwater microalga H. pluvialis. With our unique ultra-clean indoor photobioreactor technology, we provide the market with high quality natural astaxanthin produced in Sweden, the USA and Japan. We are the only astaxanthin manufacturer verified by the US Pharmacopeia.

AstaReal aspires to make the world happier and healthier, by bridging the gap between everyday life and lifelong wellness. We dedicate ourselves to the scientific research of astaxanthin and educating the world about its health benefits. With 59 clinical studies, we support our customers with our expertise and supplement their products with the science-backed health benefits of natural astaxanthin. Augmenting a healthy lifestyle with AstaReal® natural astaxanthin may preserve one’s cognition and mobility, offering a new route to healthy and graceful ageing.

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