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COSUCRA is a family company located in Western Belgium, a region with a rich agricultural Tradition. From the very beginning and with its own agronomic research center that develops its own chicory seeds Chicoline, COSUCRA has invested considerable efforts in research and development.

COSUCRA was the first world’s producer of industrial inulin and has always anticipated trends and consumer needs. That’s why it gradually reoriented its production towards nutritional ingredients extracted from two typical plants of the region: Chicory roots and yellow peas. A bold choice that allowed the company to become the world leader in natural ingredients: FIBRULINE™, soluble chicory fibre; PISANE™, pea protein isolate; SWELITE™, pea cell-wall fibre and NASTAR™, pea starch.

With its local anchorage but global vision, COSUCRA works in partnership with more than 2000 food manufacturers worldwide. COSUCRA tales responsibility for the environment, its employees and customers, allowing to develop a sustainable and profitable long-term business.