Dr Bejit Ideas

President, Japanese Society of Anti-Ageing Nutrition

As a microbiota specialist with a PhD in Biochemistry, Bejit has extensive experience in the development of active ingredients and medical formulas with proven efficacy in food, cosmetics, health and pharmaceuticals. He focuses on the efficacy of bioactives using a gene expression platform that is expressing the importance of the microbiota ecosystem. After studying the microbiota of centenarians for several years, Bejit has developed a fermentation process using Japanese technology which unlocks the potential of metabolites as a nutritional tool to extend longevity.

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How the microbiota make-up of centenarians can lead to new healthy ageing solutions

Studies on the microbiota of the centenarians of Okinawa and their signalling pathway reveal that they have particular gut bacteria profiles responsible for their longevity.

In this presentation Dr Ideas assesses how these results will lead to the development of new, innovative health food solutions, especially to aid brain plasticity and sarcopenia, to improve energy and healthy ageing.  Bejit’s talk will shine a spotlight on:

  • New research that links gut health and healthy ageing
  • How fermentation can help modulate the gut microbiota
  • Why bio-fermented metabolites offer significant potential for bone and brain health