Dr Lei Feng

Principal Investigator, Department of Psychological Medicine, National University of Singapore

Dr Feng has been involved in brain and cognitive ageing research for over 15 years with 120 research publications, his primary research interest is the epidemiology and prevention of dementia and cognitive decline in late life. He received his medical and psychiatric training in China and obtained his PhD from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has cumulatively received S$3.5 million in research grant funding. Dr Feng co-chairs the Consortium for the Study of Cognitive Ageing in Chinese (CSCAC) and the Consortium for Dementia Prevention in Chinese Populations (CDPCP). He is also a member of the executive committee and chairman of scientific meeting of the Society of Behavioural Health, Singapore (SCHS). He was chosen to receive the NMRC Clinician Scientist Transition Award in 2017.

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