Eugene Wang

Founder & CEO, Sophie’s Kitchen

Eugene grew up in the vegetarian food business. For more than 20 years, his family has led the way in quality manufacturing and distribution of vegetarian food throughout Asia and North America. Since 2011, his vision for launching the first plant-based seafood alternative has manifested into a viable category innovation lauded by the press, social media thought leaders and natural trade industry leaders. Eugene started his career in 1995, at a management consulting firm in New York City, shortly after earning his MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

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Plant-based proteins: How to feed Asia’s growing and ageing population healthily and sustainably

Interest in alternative sources of protein is growing across Asia Pacific, particularly as consumers become more aware of the health and sustainability benefits. In this presentation, Eugene explains why it’s important to understand the history of plant-based proteins in Asia.  He’ll show how this history sets the region apart from the US and Europe and assess plant protein’s potential to improve the health of the region’s ageing population.

  • The Asian view of plant-based proteins – what sells and what turns people off
  • How to market plant-based proteins in Asia – from merchandising to influencer campaigns and government policy
  • The impact of GMOs, health and sustainability issues