Francis Tan

Economist, UOB

Francis is an economist with the United Overseas Bank’s Global Economics & Markets Research team. He is chiefly interested in development and financial economics, and is passionate about financial innovation and the development and economic opportunities it could bring to ASEAN nations. Before joining the Bank in 2012, Francis worked in economics and investment with several private and public sector organisations.  He is a regular commentator on economic affairs in both print and broadcast media.

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Singapore’s demographic challenges as the baby boomers retire

Singapore’s economic success is admired and much studied around the world.  The country’s lack of natural resources has meant that investment in human capital has been key to its success.  However, with the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age and the younger generation not replacing itself, the population is ageing at a double-quick rate.  What is the future for Singapore and how will it accommodate an ageing demographic?