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Gencor Pacific and Pharmako Biotechnologies provide unique ingredients and formulations supported by extensive research.

Gencor offers an extensive list of branded ingredients and standardised single-herb extracts that are clinically shown to support the specific needs of aging adults. You can benefit from Gencor’s health-specific approach, extensive human clinical research, patented extraction processes, claims substantiation, intellectual property, global reach, and complete control over supply chain and processing.

Pharmako Biotechnologies is a science based Australian company specialising in innovation and clever product development, through technologically advanced delivery systems we improve bioavailability and functionality of various active ingredients and excipients resulting in more efficacious products. We are committed to scientific trials to validate our formulations,  with an ongoing focus on human pharmacokinetic and clinical trials.

Both Gencor and Pharmako are award-winning companies. Below are some of Gencor and Pharmako’s achievements:

Testofen® –  finalist for NutraIngredient’s Healthy Ageing Ingredient of the Year 2017 and 2018
Increases testosterone levels naturally, leading to improved body composition, libido, and strength

Levagen®+ – finalist for ESSNA’s Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year 2019
Branded palmitoylethanolamide that helps improve symptoms of joint pain, supports recovery (inflammation) and enhance the quality of sleep.

LipiSperse® delivery technology – won NutraIngredients Editor’s Choice for Innovation of the Year 2019. LipiSperse® was awarded the winner in ESSNA’s Game-Changer  & Innovation of the Year 2019.
Cold-water dispersible chemical delivery system to increase bioavailability and functionality of lipophillic substances

HydroCurc® – won Botanical Ingredient of the Year 2018 and was a finalist for Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year 2019. The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation Connection grant 2019 was given to Pharmako for a HydroCurc® study.
The highest bioavailable Curcuma longa extract seen in the industry with cold-water dispersible functionality. /


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