John Burstow

Director of Sales and Business Development, TSI

John Burstow is an experienced business leader who has successfully commercialised many pharmaceutical products in Australia. His experience spans a range of commercial roles within healthcare including sales, sales management, business development and marketing. He holds a BA in Applied Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Deakin University. John’s current mission is to develop, commercialise and revolutionise innovative solutions for our ageing population, specifically within joint and muscle health.

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The Evolution of Muscle Health – Could this be the most important determinant for healthy ageing?

Bone health – most particularly osteoporosis – has been on the mainstream health agenda for the past two decades, a fact that has led to much better diagnosis and management of the condition. But what about muscle health? Skeletal muscle mass is responsible for our ability to move and function and is essential to overall health and wellbeing. We now know that muscle mass begins to decline from around the age of 40. This decline, compounded over many years as we age, can have huge health and quality of life implications. In this presentation John Burstow discusses:

  • Why muscle health is becoming a major emerging category within consumer healthcare
  • What we can learn from the evolution of bone health to apply to muscle health
  • Solutions on the horizon for preserving muscle mass as we age