Kai Yu

Deputy Manager, Nestlé Research Center

Kai is Deputy Manager of the Nestlé Research Centre in Beijing, which conducts nutrition and health science research on healthy ageing in China.  With expertise in dietary nutrition as well as nutrition anthropology, Kai Yu is leading research projects to study the unmet nutrition needs of China’s ageing population, and exploring how attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards food impact nutrition and health.  He has two master degrees, including a Master of Engineering in Food Technology from the South China Agriculture University, and a Master of Arts from School of Social and Political Sciences at University of Melbourne.  He also has a PhD in Nutrition from the School of Public Health at Peking University.

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The Nutritional Challenge for an Ageing China

According to the United Nations, China’s population is ageing more rapidly than that of almost any country in recent history, while suboptimal diets and malnutrition are the leading risk factor for ill health nationwide. In this presentation, Kai Yu discusses the role multi-national firms can play in creating credible solutions through research and product development. Kai Yu will address:

  • Guiding new strategies: What a recent nutrition landscape study on China’s unmet nutritional needs and malnutrition among the ageing population tells us
  • The need for an evolving model: How public and private sectors can produce creative and holistic solutions to support healthy diets and lifestyles
  • Part of the solution: How Nestlé seeks to support healthy ageing among Chinese consumers through scientific research and nutritional products