Kathy Usic

Chief Executive Officer, Glycemic Index Foundation

Kathy is an accomplished health professional and commercially minded business leader with over 35 years’ experience in education, FMCG and the health promotion / not for profit sectors.  Kathy currently leads the Glycemic Index Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation owned by the University of Sydney and the Diabetes NSW ACT (Australia).  GIF is committed to promoting and contributing to the prevention and management of obesity, diabetes and other chronic lifestyle-related conditions, through healthy low-GI diets.  GIF administers the Low GI Symbol.

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The Glycemic Index Symbol Programme: Enabling manufacturers to meet consumers’ health needs

The Low GI Symbol is a world first font-of-pack labelling programme that helps consumers identify low GI foods when shopping.  Awareness of the GI Symbol, and of GI generally, has increased rapidly since it was introduced in the Australian food environment. The symbol is now ready to be rolled as a global standard for GI labelling among regulatory authorities and as a front-of-pack labelling programme to make ‘healthy choices easy choices’ for consumers.  Kathy will explain the Symbol’s success in Australia, how the Low GI Foundation has helped food firms reformulate and achieve accreditation, and the value the Symbol could bring to Asian food firms.

  • Why we need a global food and nutrition strategy to address the diabesity pandemic
  • Why decreasing the average dietary glycemic index should be part of that strategy
  • How it is possible to identify and promote healthy low GI foods to the general population
  • How a Low GI labelling programme can benefit Asia’s consumers and its food industry