Mike Tristram

CEO, Trisco Foods

Mike has been CEO of the five-generation family business, Trisco Foods, since 2013.  Trisco Foods has had an incredible transformation from a sweet syrup business, into a burgeoning health and wellness corporation. Under Mike’s leadership, the business has seen enormous growth and success with its Precise and Enprocal brands in the aged care sector. Mike holds an MBA from Queensland University of Technology in Australia, sits on the AiGroup Queensland Branch council and advocates strongly for innovation, family businesses, and food businesses manufacturing in Australia.

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‘One company’s journey from mainstream food firm to aged-care specialists’

Trisco Foods’ food manufacturing expertise dates back to 1875, across retail, ingredients and food service. Now it’s embarking on a transition to become an aged-care specialist, after enjoying considerable success with its Precise Thick-N INSTANT liquid thickener range its acquisition of dietary supplement brands Enprocal and Prime in 2017.  In this presentation, Mike  reveals

  • The strategy behind Trisco’s transition from a mainstream food supplier to aged care specialist
  • Why he believes there are substantial untapped opportunities for healthy ageing products in Australia
  • The prospects for international expansion across Asia Pacific