Naomi Suzuki

Pharmacist, NUTRI Co

Naomi worked for pharmaceutical companies for several years before gaining experience as a pharmacist in the medical field.  From her pharmaceutical background she has learned the importance of nutrition as well as medicine.  Naomi is fascinated by Engay Food, which brings culinary pleasure to elderly people with swallowing disorders.  At NUTRI she strives tirelessly to promote the culture of Engay Food to the world.  Naomi is a graduate of Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Tokyo.

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Engay Food – Easy to swallow food from Japan that looks and tastes like the real thing

Engay is Japanese for ‘swallowing’, something that can become increasingly difficult for people to do as they age.  In fact, more Japanese people die each year from choking than in traffic accidents. NUTRI Co is at the forefront of Engay Food development in Japan, where products can be reformulated and reshaped into their original form, but with the risk of choking eliminated

In her talk, Naomi discusses how Engay Food is created and why it should be used in hospitals and nursing homes across the region.   Naomi presents:

  • An overview of Japan’s ageing population and the prevalence of dysphagia
  • How the Japanese developed attractive Engay Food.
  • The growth opportunities for Engay Food in the wider region