Professor Jon Wardle

Foundation Director, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, Australia.

In addition to clinical qualifications in nursing and naturopathic medicine, Jon has postgraduate qualifications in public health, law and health economics and holds visiting positions at Boston University, University of Washington and University of Oxford. Jon has more than 200 academic publications and works on the editorial board of eight international academic journals, including Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Integrative Medicine.

Jon is actively involved in research and policy in public health and integrative medicine. Jon serves on the executive of integrative medicine special interest groups in the Australian and American public health associations, and is part of the Public Health Association of Australia’s Research Advisory Committee.

Jon leads several World Federation of Public Health Association and World Health Organization initiatives on integrative medicine. Jon has worked on integrative medicine, public health and primary health care policy and regulatory initiatives with governments, non-government organisations and international bodies.

Jon is passionate about protecting and embracing tradition knowledge and fostering innovative research, and believes that by combining both optimal public health outcomes can be achieved.

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