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The 2019 programme will address the following content themes:

Key themes

Trends and market analysis

  • The economic and social impact of ageing in Asia
  • The state of play in Asia’s healthy ageing finished product market and future megatrends

Scientific advances

  • How the latest cutting-edge ingredient and nutrition research can aid development for products spanning cognitive health, heart health, joint, bone and muscle health, and eye health.

Policy and regulation

  • How industry can better align with policymakers to influence healthy eating options across the generations
  • The big debate – Is taxation the answer to Asia’s obesity and diabetes woes

Reformulation and fortification 

  • How Asia’s food and beverage firms, from MNCs to SMEs, are innovating and reformulating to lower sugar, salt and fat
  • The latest developments in fortification as Asia’s consumers eye healthier products, that don’t compromise on taste

Precision and personalised nutrition

  • How a precision-based approach to nutrient intakes can help promote healthy ageing and effective policy making
  • Why personalised nutrition has the potential to create tailored-made diets to help prevent diseases

Next-generation innovation

  • Could lab-grown meat and cell-based products meet the protein needs of Asia’s growing, as well as ageing population?

Retail and packaging priorities

  • How intelligent packaging solutions and new retail services and strategies can meet the needs of Asia’s senior shoppers