Shawn Watson

CEO, Senescence Life Sciences

As an experienced business leader with a PhD in Neurophysiology and a BSc in Biological Sciences, Shawn is ideally placed to lead Senescence Life Sciences, a biotech company based in Singapore and Canada that seeks to research, develop and commercialise neuroprotective compounds that address age-related cognitive decline.    Shawn holds a BSc in Biological Sciences, a PhD in Neurophysiology, is a published author and regularly speaks to communities, organisations and health professionals about brain health and aging. Under his leadership, Senescence was named one of Singapore’s Top 20 Hottest Companies in 2017.

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Asia Pacific and the Growth of Cognitive Health

The value of the global dietary supplements market is expected to reach $180 billion US by 2020.  Asia Pacific is expected to lead the way, having already generated more than $44 billion in retail sales during 2017.  While the breadth and variety of health supplements continues to expand, brain health has emerged as one of the sector’s fastest growing categories.  Once a niche market, cognitive performance and health has catapulted into the mainstream media as the consequences of serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s become increasingly apparent.  In this context, Shawn’s presentation examines:

  • The latest consumer trends and research developments in brain health
  • The importance of educating consumers to consider cognitive health from an early age
  • How companies relatively new to the APAC market can help lead the cognitive health charge