TSI – Bringing Health to Life

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TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products. Combining expertise from its Innovative Products, Bioactive Ingredients and Contract Manufacturing Divisions, they strive to create the highest quality products that maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles for consumers.

Their continued commitment is to employ state-of-the-art operations and infrastructure to deliver best-in-class proprietary products that are functional, safe, and efficacious. These capabilities partnered with their expertise allow them to create and commercialize solutions for a broad spectrum of health applications – ranging from muscle, bone and joint health to healthy ageing and sports performance.

Featured at the 2020 Healthy Ageing Summit is TSI’s leading muscle health ingredient – MyHMB®. Scientifically known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, HMB helps to improve muscle health by boosting muscle protein synthesis and helping to prevent muscle protein breakdown, making it the most clinically proven ingredient to attenuate age-related muscle loss.

MyHMB® has been proven to increase strength, accelerate recovery after surgery or illness, and improve mobility – helping adults stay healthy and fit later in life.

Visit our website for more information – https://myhmb.com/applications/healthy-aging/


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