Vincent Wood

President, AstaReal Singapore

Vincent has been part of the AstaReal team for seventeen years. With a biotechnology and bioprocessing background from the UK, he has worked in a number of roles to establish a global market for natural algal astaxanthin, including R&D, new product development, as well as sales and marketing in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania.  For the past ten years he has focused on developing natural astaxanthin products for the South East Asia region.

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Innovation in Healthy Ageing: How research and new product development can fuel growth

Today’s rapidly ageing Asia-Pacific population is radically different to that of our forefathers.  Its nutritional demands have changed dramatically over time, creating a new and rapidly growing healthy ageing marketplace, rich in commercial opportunities. Vincent will show how rigorous innovation and robust new product development can open up those opportunities for companies prepared to invest and commit to excellence.

  • What it takes – how innovation, education and collaborative clinical research underpin successful new product development and sustainable growth
  • Being the best – how quality, underpinned by technological innovation, creates competitive edge
  • Lessons learned – how AstaReal’s development of natural astaxanthin has created a global market winner
  • Overcoming challenge – new strategies for innovation to keep pace with consumer demand