Vitality New Zealand

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Founded in 2017, Vitality Wellness (NZ) are a New Zealand based company located out of Christchurch, with a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore. They are active in the following areas – Research and Development, Innovation, Bio Marker development, Ingredient supply, Manufacturing (end to end supply), Marketing, On-line sales, and have licensed global distributors. The base of our products are New Zealand Blackcurrant Berries GMO, Gluten and Diary Free, processed into Extracts, Concentrates, Seed oil and Powders. Vitality Wellness vision is to be the market leader in development of the highest quality Blackcurrant Berry dietary supplements, supported by world leading science. While their missions are to manufacture and market a consumer-friendly product to the highest global standards, designed to complement research, professional research advice, exercise, diet and brain-fitness, and to improve your overall health and wellness in all ages.

In 2019 Vitality New Zealand was awarded the best start-up company award by NutraIngredients which was presented at Vitafoods – Asia, in Singapore. They manufacture the following Health supplements build around Research and scientific evidence from pre-clinical and clinical trials:  Vitalitynz’s Novel patented “ Brain Shield™ “, Active Health, Digestive Health, Eye Health, Immunity Health, Omega Health, and Women’s Health.

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